Orthopedic Products


Sr No Product Name Size /Specification
1 Cervical Collar Hard with Chin S, M, L
2 Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable S, M, L
3 Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser S, M, L & XL
4 Universal Shoulder Immobiliser  UNIVERSAL (28" – 42")
5 Universal Shoulder Immobiliser  SPECIAL SIZE (42"-52")
6 Pouch Arm Sling Tropical S, M, L
7 Pouch Arm Sling Tropical XL, XXL
8 Pouch Arm Sling Baggy S, M, L
9 Finger Cot S, M, L
10 Finger Ext Splint UNIVERSAL
11 Frog Splint UNIVERSAL
12 Ankle Binder S, M, L
13 Ankle Binder SPECIAL SIZE
14 Anklet (Pair) S, M, L
15 Anklet (Pair)  SPECIAL SIZE
16 Elastic Knee Support S, M, L
17 Elastic Knee Support XL
18 Cervical Traction Kit (Sitting) with Weight Bag UNIVERSAL
19 Cervical Traction Kit (Sleeping) with Weight Bag UNIVERSAL
20 Walking Stick (L Type) GOLD / SILVER / BLACK
21 Walking Stick (Tripod) UNIVERSAL
22  Abdominal Belt  S, M, L
23 Lumbo Sacral Belt Lumbopore S, M, L
24 Lumbo Sacral Belt Lumbopore XL
25 Compression Stocking Below Knee S, M, L
26 Compression Stocking Below Knee XL
27 Compression Stocking Mid Thigh S, M, L
28 Compression Stocking Mid Thigh XL
29 Scrottal Support UNIVERSAL (28" – 42")
30 Scrottal Support Spl Size (42"-52")
31 Elbow Crutch Adjustable UNIVERSAL